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Ergoptix, an established brand in Magnification Loupes & Illumination devices is being used by Dentists, Eye Specialists, ENT Surgeons & Industries where they need to work on micro structures of treatment and operations. Ergoptix has been designed under the mentoring from team "Regional Laboratory for Applied Research and Development (RLARD)", India. It is coming out with more products in the area of magnification and illumination. 

Visionaria Health System Pvt. Ltd is an Indian start-up established for scaling up of products under brand ERGOPTIX. Visionaria shall keep expanding by offering next product range with high quality matching with European standards.

Prof. Manish Patil

RLARD being his 3rd start up venture, Manish's focus area is product design and system integration.  He has been active in bridging the gap between industry and academia and brings with him an extensive experience interfacing with vendors across the world for product development cycle. With 23 years of experience in electronics product design, Manish also holds a successful record of delivering turnkey highway traffic management system for expressways. To know more about Manish, checkout his LinkedIn profile.

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"We see Ergoptix as becoming a bouquet of holistic services and products centered around enhancing ergonomics in the dental workplace."

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