What enhancements do Ergoptix loupes have?

A sprinkle of sugar here, a frosting there, and complete redesign elsewhere - that's how we would describe our loupes. Through numerous innovations - some small and others big - we have tried to solve many problems that were associated with loupes previously available in the market.

Features of Dental Loupes sold by Ergoptix India
What accessories are supplied with the loupes?
Washable Lens Cover

To protect the lens system from aerosol spray and flying debris. Lens covers should be cleaned regularly.

Flip up paddle

Allows you to lift the lens barrels up so that you can switch to regular unmagnified vision quickly without taking off the loupe.

Adapter Clips

Ergoptix loupes hold the LED lamp on its paddle handle. If you want to use LED headlamps with regular prescription spectacles, you can use these adapter clips.

Battery pack

Lasts upto 7 hours on a single charge. The pack as a clip to attach it to you belt. It can be charged via a microUSB connector. 5 volts charger is also supplied.

Remote controller

A wired remote clips on to your shirt and allows you to switch LED headlamp between 4 intensity levels.

Curing Filter

The LED headlamp is powerful. The curing filter blocks out those light frequencies which may otherwise cure the light curable resin composites unintentionally.

Prescription insert

Use this if you wear prescription spectacles. This prescription insert frame can be used to attach prescription lenses to our loupes. These must be purchased separately.

What are the adjustable parameters of the loupes?
Features of Dental Loupes sold by Ergoptix India

There are three adjustable parameter of the loupes.

Please refer to the figure below.

PDF version of this figure can be found here.

Technical Specifications of the Dental Loupes and LED Headlamps
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