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The following articles and papers talk about the use of magnification in dentistry and how they can help improve ergonomics:

Posturedontics : How does dentistry fit


Postudontics in dentistry : A review by Mr. Shibu Thomas Mathew ( Department of Endodontics, Riyadh Colleges of dentistry and Pharmacy, Riyadh)

Ergonomics in Dentistry Really A Practice or Just a Tactics

Posturedontics : Stressing on strain reduction.

Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders by principles of ergonomics in dentistry.

Ergonomic risk and preventive measures of musculoskeletal disorders in the dentistry environment.

Nalini Doppalapudi, Ravindra Kumar Burugapalli, Benefits of Utilization of,Magnification in Dentistry: A Review, Dental Research and Oral Health, ISSN: 2641-7413, August 01, 2020

Ghadeer I Basunbul, Use of Magnifying Loupes Among Dental Professionals, JCDP December 2018;19(12): p1532-1538


Ergonomics in dental practice

Bethany Valachi, Neck health: the three ergonomic criteria for loupes selection, Dental Ergonomics

Dr Bethany Valachi, Over 50% of all dentists report chronic back pain. Here's how not to become part of that statics


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