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Dr. Prasad Joshi

Pune, Maharashtra

I am using Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe with LED Head Light & I am really impressed with the Galilean lens system. I am getting very clear, corner to corner bright image without any spherical or chromatic aberration. I am able to choose my own working distance & it is helping me to maintain my natural body posture. The loupe is very light in weight & I strongly recommend it to all the dentists.

Dr. Prakash Taukari

Kolhapur, Maharashtra

I am using Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe and the quality of the loupe is superb, I am getting very sharp & clear vision. LED Head Light is also very good & I am able to adjust the brightness with the 4 level intensity controller. I am satisfied with their after sales service & I am recommending it to many of my colleagues.

Dr. Rajeshree Kamath

Bangalore, Karnataka

Ergoptix Loupe is the best loupe available in the market, I am 100% satisfied with the quality & after sales service. I am able to see minute details & its improving my precision while working.

Dr. Ratnadeep Jadhav

Pune, Maharashtra

Superb quality, excellent after sales service. Ergoptix Loupe is very light weight & comfortable to wear. I am getting sharp & clear vision. I am able to work with more precision & accuracy with the help of Ergoptix Loupe. 

Dr. Mukul Dabholkar

Mumbai, Maharashtra

I am very happy with the Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe, It has got world class quality. I am getting terrific after sales service.

Dr. Vishwas Patil

Pune, Maharashtra

Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe is very good. I am able to get very good vision. LED Head Light is perfect & I am very happy with their after sales service.

Dr. Milind Naphade

Amravati, Maharashtra

Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe is best in quality & comparable to any loupe internationally. I am very satisfied with the corner to corner clear vision without any aberration & pure white light from the LED Head Light. My posture is now correct with the personalised working distance they offer.

Dr. Namrata Dalal

Gurgaon, Haryana

I have been using Ergoptix loupes for over 2 yrs and there has been a remarkable improvement in my posture. Especially when dealing with maxillary posteriors, I find that an upright posture, enhanced illumination, and adequate magnification make a world of difference. The most prominent feature of these loupes is that I have never developed any strain on my eyes

Dr. Vivek Thorat

Manchar, Pune

Using ergopix loupes since 1.5 years for most dental procedures. Very light weight, comfortable for viewing and for eyes as well. It comes with excellent build quality for long lasting usage. For this price segment its best among all other competitors.. After sales service is also good. Fully satisfied with ergopix and will recommend for ease of work experience.

Dr. Shanta Korgaonkar

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

I have purchased Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe with LED Head Light & I am very happy to use it in my day to day practice. Ergoptix Magnifying Loupe is superb in quality & it is very light in weight. Flip up feature is very good & very thoughtful. I am a satisfied user of Ergoptix Loupe. 


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