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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dental loupe is a pair of magnification lenses that a dentist wears in front of his/her eyes while operating on a patient.

    Dental loupe has an attached headlamp to illuminate that area of a patient’s mouth which is being operated upon.

    A good pair of loupe brings in the following benefits:

    1. Dentist’s health

      1. Ergonomics: Relieves from back, neck pain & MSD

      2. Protection from aerosol droplets and flying debris

    2. Enhances dentist’s performance by

      1. Reduced fatigue with proper ergonomics

      2. Safe distance from patients

      3. In turn helps for prolonged & happy career

    Inside a pair of loupes:

    • The simplest combination of magnifying lenses.

    • Dental loupes are a kind of telescope.

    • The telescope has two lenses - The ocular, or eyepiece lens that the dentist looks into the objective lens, or the lens closest to the object.

    • For ERGOPTIX LOUPES, Galilean system is used: Objective is convex, Eyepiece is concave

    1. What magnification do you want?
      First time users should go for 2.5x magnification in dental loupe. Once they are used to it, they can switch to higher magnification by upgrading with only lens barrels and installing them on to their existing loupes. Ergoptix unique upgrade policy makes it easy & economical.

    2. What is your working distance?
      The distance between the front edge of the objective lens and the specimen surface (with the surface of the cover glass in case of the cover glass objective lens) when the specimen is focused.
      The working distance roughly depends on your height and the dental chair/stool that you use. 

    3. Do you need a headlamp?
      The LED headlamp fits on the flip up paddle of dental loupe. The headlamp is supplied with a curing filter.

    4. Do you wear spectacles?
      If you wear prescription glasses, you can use the prescription insert which comes in ERGOPTIX loupe set. This has a snap fit arrangement on loupe frame. The power glasses can be made by any local optician and fitted on prescription insert.

    1. Inter pupillary distance

    2. Convergence angle

    3. Declination angle

  • Ergoptix LED Headlamps have:

    • Color Rendering Index greater than 90

      • the mixture of light that comes out of our headlamp is very similar to the light coming from the Sun.

    • Color temperature is 5500 to 6000 Kelvin

      • The variation in intensity and color of the light would not change more than 5% over the lifetime of the LED headlamp (~10,000 hours)

    • Special lens for spot focus.

      • Will not disturb patient’s eyes.

    • Curing filter included

      • Prevents unintentional quick hardening of composites

    • Intensity Adjustment – 6 levels

      • This is done via the clip-on intensity controller.

    • The Ergoptix battery pack can be clipped on to your trousers or apron. It can be charged using the

    • included charger or a regular smart phone charger or even a computer’s USB port. The intensitycontroller is clipped on near your collar.

  • Advice from existing users of Ergoptix loupes:

    1. Use the dental loupes initially on extracted tooth or cast to build your skill and get used to the loupes

    2. When you begin using loupes while operating on patients, start with simple procedures like scaling and examination and then slowly graduate to more complex procedures.

    3. Initially use the loupes daily for up to 10-15 minutes at a stretch with twice the amount of breaks between usages. Perform some procedures with bare eyes as well.

    4. Understand that it is natural for your eyes to take time to adjust back to normal after using loupes for an extended period of time. Over time you will realize that this not a deal-breaker. You will automatically fall into the habit of giving yourself time between two loupe assisted procedures.

    5. Dentists suffering from migraine may take a little more time to adapt, being patient with yourself is the key.

    • Never attempt to sterilize loupes by any method!

    • Never soak loupes in any solution or water!

    • Never place loupes in an ultrasonic cleaner!​

    • We provide 3 years replacement warranty and life long support for replacement of any parts.


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